Green Christmas Ideas 2021

No Poverty

At Nottingham Energy Partnership, instead of doing Secret Santa, we try to make a positive contribution to a local charity. This year we donated food and art supplies to Hope Foodbank in the Meadows. Over the last few months 500 refugee families have settled in Nottingham, some of which have been housed in the Meadows. Our donation will help these refugee families directly, the colouring books and art supplies will hopefully bring a little bit of joy to these children that have been/are still going through a really awful time.

Darren our Home Improvement Manager dropping off the goods at Hope Meadows.

Zero Hunger

Think about reducing food waste by finding recipes for excess cooked food, freezing leftovers or by offering unwanted packets of food through apps such as Olio, or your local food bank.

Let us know your great recipe ideas for using up leftovers (other than turkey curry)?

Good Health & Wellbeing

How about calling someone at Christmas rather than sending a card?

It is estimated that a billion Christmas cards will end up in the bin after Christmas.

It may mean more for someone to hear your voice at Christmas.

Quality Education in the Meadows

If you are a Meadows resident and would like to learn about Climate Change and what to do about it, come to one of our workshops.

Email or call us and we can book you in 0115 718 2028.

Affordable & Clean Energy

If all the Christmas food waste was recycled into energy, it could power an average UK home for around 57 years.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

This Christmas, buy local to support our Meadows businesses and help our Meadows community thrive.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Find new, creative ways to make your home feel festive!

How about creating natural, zero-waste Christmas decorations and table settings?

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Consider what the gifts you buy are made of and how much use they will get.

Every year the UK spends a total of £700 million on unwanted presents, 6% of which goes straight into landfill.

Responsible Consumption & Production

Christmas is traditionally a time of excess food, drinks and gifts.

We can still enjoy ourselves without buying more than we need!

Life Below Water

Avoid using plastic glitter! There are biodegradable alternatives.

Micro-plastics like glitter can easily get into our water and our food.

Life on Land

Christmas Trees – Real v. Fake?

Real trees create a habitat for wildlife while growing.

Fake trees have a carbon footprint of around 40kg, more than 10 times that of a real tree that’s burned after Christmas.

If you have a fake tree, use it at least 10 times to negate its carbon footprint

Partnerships for the Goals

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

If you have an idea relating to reducing carbon, being green or sustainable that you would like to see happen in the Meadows, come and speak to us at our Green Meadows Open Day at the Queens Walk Community Centre on 28th January.

We might be able to help you with your idea.

Useful links:

Christmas Packaging Facts (2021): A Wide Range of Eye Opening Stats | GWP Group

Real vs Fake Christmas Trees | Updated for 2021 | Soil Association

Other ideas:

Rent a Christmas tree
Advent calendars – avoid single use as bad for packaging.
Crackers – rubbish throwaway toys which cannot be recycled
Sustainable suppliers – zero waste shops and gift ideas
Presents ideas – Vintage, secondhand, ethical, edibles, sustainable cosmetics and perfumes, charity donations (regift for raffle), experiences, plants, regift an item of your which you know a friend particularly likes. Wrapping presents – recyclable paper, or reused/reusable material
Christmas lights – energy usage
People in the UK will use 189 million batteries over Christmas (and throw away seven batteries over this period)