Four key Meadows based organisations; MOZES Community Energy, Nottingham Energy Partnership, Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens, and Bridges Community Trust are working together to become a net zero carbon community with our Climate Action Fund plan.

If you are a member of The Meadows Community, this is where we need your help!

We all need to help to combat Climate Change – that is why we are commiited to involving as many groups and individuals as possible. With The Meadows community being so diverse, we believe everyone has ideas and experiences which we can learn from.

We want to know your thoughts about:

  1. Net zero homes improving their carbon footprint and energy efficiency
  2. Local and sustainble transport and how we can make it greener and more connected
  3. Education around Climate Change within schools and public workshops providing practical repair skills
  4. Food growing, tree planting and local food waste collections
  5. Energy saving interventions & renewable energy initiatives such as community energy roof top leasing