Subsidised boiler, Home Visit and entered on Priority Service Register

At A Glance

Profile: Miss Sharpe is over 80 and lives with her sister, who is of a similar age in Lenton.

What did Miss Sharpe need assistance with?

Her boiler had been broken for some time and was reliant on room heaters to keep warm. The sisters both suffer with ongoing cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses so it is very important that their home is heated effectively for their health and well being.

What service(s) could we offer?

Miss Sharpe qualified for NEP’s subsidised boiler replacement scheme (£400 reduction), a free Home Visit plus she was eligible to be added on to Western Power’s Priority Service Register.


  • Miss Sharpe received a new ‘A’ rated boiler for £400 less through Healthy Housing’s scheme
  • An efficient boiler can save a household up to £260 off a yearly fuel bill

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