Subsidised External Solid Wall Insulation and successful Energy Switch

At A Glance

Client profile: 

The Vernon’s are both over 60 and live in Bilborough in Nottingham.  Mr Vernon suffers with many illnesses that means he is fairly housebound, so keeping warm is a must for him.

What did The Vernon’s need assistance with?

The Vernon’s house is solid brick and is very cold throughout winter, even with the heating on. Mr Vernon spends most of his days in the lounge next to the radiator as this is the warmest room.

What service could we offer them?

As their property is solid brick, it can only be insulation with ‘solid wall insulation’, the couple received a letter from NEP offering them a discounted price for this home improvement – they decided to say yes to the work as are keep to improve Mr Vernon’s quality of life.


  • A thermal layer around the house will mean the Vernon’s are warmer and more comfortable at home, they can also save up to £400 a year on their heating bill
  • Our Home Visiting officer also completed an Energy Switch for them which resulted in a saving of £144 off their yearly gas bill

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