‘A’ rated combi boiler and 6 radiators

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At A Glance

About the client

Mrs Horton, would you believe, is in her 90s, and lives in a 3 bedroom house in Beeston Rylands, Nottinghamshire. She’s paid boiler cover for over a decade (£60 per month) but when she needed it for a leaking radiator, they could not help her. Her main source of heating is a back boiler that is over 30 years old.

What did Mrs Horton need assistance with?

Having stopped her boiler insurance, she was worried that should her back boiler give up, she’d have no one to call to repair or replace it.  So she contacted NEP’s Healthy Housing Service who put her through to our Home Improvement Team. Mrs Horton, unfortunately did not qualify for any of Healthy Housing’s fuel poverty boiler schemes as she has over a certain amount of savings  in the bank and is fit and well.

What service could we offer Mrs Horton?

NEP’s Home Improvement Manager, Darren Barker and one of our qualified heating engineers, visited Mrs Horton and supplied a quote for a new ‘A’ rated combi boiler and 6 new radiators.


  • Mrs Horton sourced quotes from two other companies, one of which was £1,500 more than NEP’s quote.
  • It takes a lot of money to power an old, inefficient back boiler.  Now Mrs Horton is equipped with an ‘A’ rated model it will cost less to heat her home, up to £260 a year less a year in fact.

Get in touch

If you are interested in a quote for a boiler replacement or solid wall insulation please contact our Home Improvement Manager Darren Barker.

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