FREE oil-fired boiler and radiator through npower, priority services register

At A Glance

Profile: Over 60, respiratory and mobility probems

What did Mrs Langford need assistance with?

Mrs Langford’s boiler broke down in May 2017 and she was starting to feel very cold.

What service could we offer her?

She qualified for npower’s Health Through Warmth free boiler scheme – we have a direct referral stream with npower and completed an application on her behalf. They were install an oil fired boiler and a new radiator in her living room.

In addition, they also benefited from the following Healthy Housing Services:

  • Entered on to the Priority Services Register


  • The boiler and radiator were installed free of charge, where this would have usually cost Mrs. Langford £4,972.22.
  • As her new boiler is A rated and thus much more efficient, she will also be spending much less on keeping her home warm long-term

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