FREE gas connection, npower Health Through Warmth Scheme, priority services register

At A Glance

Profile: Over 60, health issues

What did Mrs M need assistance with?

Mrs Mayfield was using old inefficient electric storage heater and a coal fired back boiler to heat her home which was no longer working.

What service could we offer them?

She qualified for npower’s Health Through Warmth free boiler scheme – we have a direct referral stream with npower and completed an application on her behalf. They therefore arranged for a free gas connection at the property as well as the full central heating system, including a brand new A rated combi boiler and 6 radiators.

In addition, they also benefited from the following Healthy Housing Services:

  • Entered on to the Priority Services Register


  • New ‘A’ rated combi boiler: up to £260 per year
  • The total cost of the new central heating system was £4,236. The npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund contributed £1,059 toward the cost and Mrs Mayfield was able to pay the remaining balance of £3,177.
  • Mrs Mayfield also saved on having a free gas connection installed which typically costs £600.

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