£2560 grant funding towards a new boiler and Priority Services Register

Case Study Overview

Mrs W’s boiler had broken down meaning she could not get hot water or properly heat her home. NEP were able to secure a £2560 grant towards an ‘A’ rated model, meaning that Mrs W could get a new boiler, and is now safe and warm in her home.

About the client

Mrs W is 79 years old and has lived in her 2-bedroom mid-terrace home for 50 years. She suffers with Asthma and Bronchitis, Arthritis and curvature of the spine. In October 2019, her boiler broke down, leaving her with no hot water or heating.


  • We were able to secure £2560 of funding towards a new boiler, with Mrs W’s total contribution being just £130!
  • Her new, A-rated boiler will heat Mrs W’s home well and work more efficiently than her old one, reducing her annual energy bill by up to £260!
  • Additionally, the grants Mrs W received towards the boiler replacement prevented her from getting further into debt by taking out a loan to pay for it.

With the recent floods we have been experiencing, Mrs W can rest assured as we have also signed her up for the Priority Service Register – she will be well looked after by Western Power Distribution in the event of a power cut.

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If you are interested in a quote for a boiler replacement or solid wall insulation please contact our Home Improvement Manager Darren Barker.

Tel: 0115 985 3008
Email: darren.barker@nottenergy.com

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