For the 7th year running we are celebrating the re-certification of our ISO9001 accreditation – a recognised stamp of approval in Quality Management.

ISO9001 makes sure we meet our customer’s needs, enhance their satisfaction and document the quality of our in-house processes. Slick ways of working also mean our level of customer service and delivery is of a high standard and consistent – regardless of which member of the team is dealing with a particular client.

Our quality management and customer service systems have been set up so we can meet ISO9001’s stringent assessment year on year. The framework has a positive impact on our day to day processes – because we are continually assessed we make time to test, reflect and improve them.

ISO9001 audits a company’s quality of; facilities, people, training, services and equipment. Examples of what we are assessed on include: customer satisfaction feedback and process, complaints procedure and follow up, client information capture and storage.

We can ensure that we will meet the needs of not only existing clients but future ones too by delivering an excellent level of customer service, implementing an effective and robust quality management system and delivering  exceptional service.

This works alongside our other ISO certification — ISO14001, a recognised Environmental Management System accreditation.