Let’s Go Eco

Explore, have fun, take action

As a climate change charity and registered Home Improvement Agency we are always looking for new ways to inspire and encourage householders to take the next step in lowering their impact on the environment and their bills by improving the energy efficiency of their home.

With that in mind we are pleased to launch Let’s Go Eco, an interactive, animated house that’s based on the footprint and energy use of a typical 3 bed semi.

It’s for anyone interested in making their home more thermal efficient, interested in investing in a low carbon technology, it’s also a great tool for kids (and adults) as an introduction to how they can lead a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

If you enjoy using the tool or have found it useful let us know by sharing your experience or savings – make sure to include our project hashtag #NEPLetsGoEco and Twitter handle @Nott_Energy – you can also find us on Facebook.

Let’s Go Eco is funded by NTU’s Enabling Innovation fund and Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP). It has been designed and developed by Nottingham Creative Agency, Rusty Monkey.

Ready to get started? Let’s Go Eco!

Watch our explainer video.

How does it work

As soon as you enter you are guided to improve the main areas of the house where you can make the biggest savings to your bills and carbon footprint (the walls, loft, floor and heating). You are then free to visit the internal rooms, garden, drive and roof to carry on with your savings-journey. Once you have finished exploring you can view your activity in the form of a pdf.


Alongside the House we have created downloadable mini-guides that provide you with further information (costs, any subsidies that are available and payback times) about the energy saving measures and lifestyle changes you will see inside the house.

Get in touch

For advice and information on how we can help make your home more energy efficient call us on 0115 985 9057 or fill in our contact form.


Please be aware that all estimates of carbon and energy bill savings are derived from assumptions and average values for UK homes and lifestyles – of course every house is different. Figures are provided for illustrative purposes only, and NEP cannot make any guarantee about the savings you will make. Household energy efficiency measures are interrelated and therefore carbon and energy bill savings may differ significantly according to the order in which measures are carried out, and the combination of measures chosen.

You may notice that the total may not equal the sum of the savings listed. In specific instances the carbon saving might be reduced when multiple items are selected.