The Story So Far…

In September 2019 the ‘Towards a Greener Meadows’ project was launched, with the core aim of making The Meadows a cleaner and greener place to live. The participants passed a resolution to “educate each other, share knowledge and carry out positive environmental actions in the Meadows”.

The group wanted to be educated about Climate Change, and Nottingham Energy Partnership were given the opportunity to help them. We decided to launch a series of interactive workshops to clarify some of the issues surrounding Climate Change and inspire environmental action.

The First Workshop

Our introductory workshop took place in January 2020. We started by looking at the facts; how climate change is having an impact on people across the world and on us here in Nottingham; and a quiz to bust some of the myths. We wanted to explore the local knowledge and find out what actions are already taking place in our community. By thinking about our own lives, we considered how our personal actions affect the climate, and what makes up our individual carbon footprints.

As around a half of our carbon emissions come from the products that we buy, our first task was to look more deeply at the way that everyday items contribute to Climate Change. We challenged ourselves to unpick the carbon emissions created by a simple supermarket pack of chillies, then divided into groups to repeat the exercise with different products, coming together afterwards to share our ideas.

After identifying the challenges, we thought about more sustainable alternatives, and how Meadows residents could access these.

To end the meeting we took our ‘Chilli Pepper Pledges’ – each choosing a pledge which would be a personal chalenge to try to achieve over the next few months. The reward – a chilli pepper plant from the AMC gardens!

Dates for your diary

Our second workshop will take place at Queens Walk Community Centre on 26th Febrary 2020. To keep updated with future events please fill out the contact form below.

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The ‘Towards a Greener Meadows’ group run regular woodcarving sessions to recycle the lime wood cut down to make way for the tram – everyone welcome. They also hold art recycling workshops – the next is is at Meadows Youth club on Saturday, February 8th, between 10am and 3pm – free and open to all. Bring a bag of clean stuff for recycling into flowers, bees – even hedgehogs!

If you are interested or want to reserve a place, get in touch using the form below.