Did you know U.K homes lose heat up to 3 times faster than other European countries?

A 2020 study has found the average U.K household struggles to stay warm compared to some of our European neighbours*, resulting in British heating systems having to work harder to maintain their temperature.

Data and Graphic from Tado

Poorly insulated homes, combined with the price of fuel skyrocketing amid the Cost-of-Living crisis, has meant that U.K homes are forking out a small fortune to keep warm this winter.

With 6.7 million U.K households already in fuel poverty, this figure is due to increase to 8.4 million**, forcing a huge portion of our population to choose between food or fuel.

The good news is, with the help of insulation and other energy-saving measures, it’s possible to keep the cold out and save money on your energy bills.

Home improvement measures like Solid Wall Insulation (SWI) can help you save up to £540 a year on your bills by reducing heat loss from walls, which account for roughly 30% of lost heat. Other, less invasive
measures like Loft Insulation can save a further £355 on average.

It’s no secret that making these changes to your home can be expensive, sometimes costing up to £16,000 for larger-scale improvements like SWI. This extra cost can be a real issue for low-income households already struggling with maintenance costs.

Nottingham Energy Partnership are working with local councils in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to secure free grants for these energy-saving measures.

These can be life-changing for those living in poorly insulated homes and facing financial constraints.

Take a look at our Case Study video of Jack and Elisha. Our Green Grants Team helped the young couple from Gedling save over £16,500*** when they received SWI for FREE this summer.

If you’d like to know what services we may be able to offer, visit our mini-guides page and find out facts and savings for a range of energy-saving measures, from Solar PV to Loft Insulation .

To find out if you may be eligible for free home improvement grants, call us on 0115 947 2207, or visit GHGLADsNottsDerby.com.

*Figures from Tado – View article
** Estimations from National Energy Action
***Updated figures from National Grid