We are delighted to announce our new scheme, ‘Future-Fit Works’ is now available to residents of the Meadows, Nottingham.

The free tailored home energy assessment, delivered to households by trained experts, identifies a long-term plan of suggested home improvements and instils residents with the knowledge to adapt their homes.

Laying the foundations for each household’s retrofit journey, the plan outlines the first steps in a package of ‘quick wins’, funded by the Cadent Foundation in grants between £500 and £1000. These start with practical solutions, such as improving the ventilation of the home and draught-proofing doors, expanding to energy efficiency measures, such as loft insulation and pipework insulation.

A male worker holds up a tape measure against a window pane, measuring the window as part of a retrofit building assessment.
Meet the Future Fit team

By equipping the Meadows with a fleet of homes fit for the future, NEP are helping to tackle fuel poverty on a local scale within an area which falls into the top 20% of most deprived areas in England. To achieve this, Future-Fit Homes goes beyond the material of the home, nurturing a community of mutual knowledge and expertise where residents can feel empowered to engage with tradespeople. Additionally, it will bolster other projects, such as Green Meadows’ free DIY Workshops and the upcoming Toolshare. By equipping residents with handiwork skills, the confidence to use tools, and a means to access them, everybody can develop the knowledge to enact their home improvements and cut their energy costs. We welcome all in the Meadows to take part, so to find out more click here.

A man and woman both lean over a DIY Workbench, looking at a project that they are working on. The woman is holding a tool against a copper pipe and the man is assisting.
Green Meadows DIY Plumbing Workshop

Our community connections enable us to not only work closely with residents that are already becoming more responsive to climate change, but also to signpost people to the practical advice of organisations such as Nottingham City CouncilMeadows Advice Group, and Age UK. This holistic approach has long-term benefits for household well-being, educating residents whilst making their homes more energy efficient and reducing carbon emissions.

As more residents adapt their homes and lifestyles, they can become a proactive part of cutting their energy bills and mitigating climate change – showing that kickstarting retrofit journeys can kickstart real change.

To find out more about Future-Fit Homes or to sign up, click here or give us a call on 0115 718 2028.