15 February 2019

Today is National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, led by National Energy Action (NEA) to raise awareness of the local support for people struggling to stay warm and pay their fuel bills because their home is cold and damp. For residents across Nottinghamshire help is available from the charity, Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP) with the offer of grants and services to help lift individuals out of often desperate situations. The focus of this years campaign is offering grants to replace broken boilers.

NEP supports NEA Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2019

Fuel poverty is caused by a combination of low income, high energy prices, and poor-quality energy inefficient housing. NEP sees how it affects residents on a daily basis. Many are worried about rising energy bills so ration the amount of time their heating is on to such an extent that it has a serious impact on their physical and mental health.

Fuel poverty affects 12% of UK households – that’s around 4 million households. On a local level 12% of Nottingham households are in fuel poverty.

In an effort to bring down the cost of heating for vulnerable households, NEP’s Healthy Housing Service have launched boiler replacement grants of up to £1,000. Eligible private households in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire will be able to heat their home more effectively and save up to £240 a yearly of their heating bill. The charity can also help with free loft and cavity wall insulation, depending on the householder’s circumstances.

Mrs K from Bestwood recently received a subsidised boiler through NEP.

Our 30-year-old back boiler never kept us warm and I wasn’t convinced it was safe. I was not surprised it broke down. We were so pleased to receive a grant from NEP’s Healthy Housing Service – our new one heats the house within two hours, so we have it on for less time. There are now no cold rooms in the house and my daughter wants to take her coat off when she comes in.

Miss K, Bestwood

Miranda Cumberbatch, NEP Affordable Warmth Development Manager urges people to get in touch “Fuel poverty can easily be overlooked as it happens behind closed doors – the situation can escalate quickly, health can deteriorate, and debt issues arise. We want to reach out to as many households as possible – having recently gained Home Improvement Agency status we have further access to funding that can help to break the cycle of fuel poverty, and in turn reduce carbon emissions.

Miranda Cumberbatch, NEP

Miranda adds “Our team can also check if you can save money by switching to a cheaper energy deal, or alternatively sign up to our collective switching campaign which uses people power to secure a cheaper energy deal for 1000’s of people at the same time.

Miranda Cumberbatch, NEP

NEP also works in partnership with Western Power Distribution to let people know that should their lights go out because of a power cut by registering onto WPDs Priority Service Register a timely reconnection is assured.  It is a free service which look after vulnerable groups in the event of unplanned or prolonged power cuts. Once on the list, eligible groups, including the over 60s, individuals that rely on oxygen and people with a chronic health issue have peace of mind that they will be looked after.

To find out more or to apply for grant funding contact NEP’s Nottinghamshire Healthy Housing Service:
Tel: 0115 985 3009

Web: www.healthy-housing-service.com


Notes to editors:

Nottingham Energy Partnership is an independent climate change not-for-profit organisation, established in 2001.  It has received the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development and is ISO14001 and ISO9001(5 years) accredited – most recently it has just been awarded as a Home Improvement Agency.

For more information contact NEP Marketing Officer, Alison Mcguire.

E:  alison.mcguire@nottenergy.com  

T: 0115 985 9057  

W: www.nottenergy.com

Twitter: @Nott_Energy