Saturday, 3rd December, saw the opening of Nottingham Energy Partnership’s brand-new Climate Hub.

Developed as a community resource by the Green Meadows project, the Climate Hub is a social space for Meadows residents to meet, learn new skills, borrow tools and share knowledge. The project aims to increase the energy efficiency of resident’s homes, save on fuel bills and reduce damaging emissions.

Attendees, including MP for Nottingham South, Lilian Greenwood, met with local Climate Champions and were updated with the latest developments in the Green Meadows project before exploring the Climate Hub.

Developments introduced by the Green Meadows staff included exciting events and upcoming initiatives such as Future-Fit homes. Future-Fit homes provide a free tailor-made plan to cut energy bills, improve the comfort and warmth of homes, and lower carbon emissions.

NEP’s Home Improvement Manager, Darren, showed visitors around the DIY learning space of the Climate Hub. Here, free workshops demonstrate and teach Meadows residents valuable DIY skills. These skills enable residents to adopt the ‘Fabric-first’ approach, making the walls, floor and roof as energy efficient as possible through insulation and draughtproofing. Click here to view the series of DIY events lined up, including Room-in-Roof Insulation and Solid Wall Insulation workshops.

A toolshare will be available in early 2023 to provide a variety of tools at a reduced cost to residents, assist them with implementing energy-efficient home improvements. As well as being an environmentally friendly solution, the toolshare enables residents to work together and reduces the financial constraints of the Cost-of-Living crisis.

Nottingham Energy Partnership has plans to open the Climate Hub beyond the Meadows area and throughout Nottinghamshire in due course.

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