We are delighted to announce that NEP’s Healthy Housing Service has exceeded the targets outlined within our contract with Western Power Distribution.

The 6 month Campaign provided practical interventions to 1,250 vulnerable households across the East Midlands to improve the energy efficiency in the home, health and well-being, and support to register onto WPD’s Priority Services Register.

The Campaign delivery partners consisted of a consortium of charitable organisations including the Papworth Trust and Lincolnshire Home Independence Agency and together they offer six key interventions:

1. Energy Efficiency
2. Heating
3. Energy Switching
4. Income Maximisation
5. Health & Well-being
6. Behaviour Change

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Over the course of the campaign 78% of households received more than one intervention and consequently help from several services.

Of the 206 households supported in February 155 (75%) were referred on to between two to six interventions. Of significance was the increase in the number of requests for help with heating due to the heavy snowfall.

Priority Services Register
This service prioritises vulnerable homes should an unplanned power cut occur and it is free for homes to be added on to this list. We exceeded our minimum target of registrations and registered a total of 832 household onto the WPD PSR.

Additional Key Outcomes
We had a target of 14 community energy workshops, however due to several cancellations and rescheduling of workshops we delivered 13.

Average Financial Savings
The total potential savings achieved over the 2017/18 campaign is £722,050.95 which equates to an average financial benefit per household of £577.64. The level of savings is higher than our target of and average of £85 and are also a substantial increase on the savings achieved from our first campaign due to the high number of benefit claims and heating installations.

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Lincolnshire also processed a considerable number of applications for Attendance Allowance. In addition, there was a spike in the number of boiler replacements. With both of these services the householder benefits from savings in excess of £2,000.

The Home Visits were an essential part of the Campaign, because they make it easier
to spot the signs of fuel poverty, home safety issues and discuss financial concerns.

Free Home Visits are offered to residents who are aged over 60, have a disability (people with sight/ hearing problems, restricted movement or learning difficulties)
or are chronically ill. If you are interested in arranging a home visit or know of someone who would benefit from one, please use the contact details below.

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