We are excited to announce that you could get help with the cost of a new boiler or boiler repairs with the launch of our new schemes

Home owners and private tenants over 60, or under 60 with a child  in full time education can now receive 25% off the cost of a new A rated boiler or 50% off the cost of repairs required on their current boiler.

The maximum amount we will contribute towards a replacement is £625 and £400 towards repairs.

Healthy Housing’s Jenalle with a client’s new boiler

How much will I have to pay for a replacement?
The standard boiler replacement install cost is £2,300. A discount of 25% will result in a reduction of £575 off the install cost and a customer cost of £1,725.00. The total cost may differ depending on the type of the current boiler.

The benefits of a new boiler

  • Savings of up to £260 a year on your heating bills
  • A warmer, healthier more comfortable home
  • Reduction in home carbon emissions]

My boiler needs repairing
There will be an initial call out charge of £40 which will be taken off the cost of the repair if the work goes ahead. The scheme will cover 50% of the cost of the repair up to a value of £400.

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