The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products champions products that are better for us and the environment. This is something we believe in too and something we will be learning more about and putting into practice as part of our Green Meadows community climate change project over the next 5 years.

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Nottingham Energy Partnership, as a carbon reduction charity, have long been advocates of sustainable building products. As part of the Green Meadows Community Climate Action Project, we hope to further promote their use through our new DIY retrofit programme, providing practical training to empower the Meadows community to take energy saving retrofit into their own hands.

 Our long history of working with fuel-poor households has taught us the difference that a warm and healthy home can make to people’s health and well-being. We are keen to maximise the benefits of our projects by using materials and processes which contribute to the long-term health of households and the wider environment. 

Whilst many centrally funded projects tackle only one element of carbon reduction, we aim to take a holistic approach. A focus on operational carbon and energy performance is essential: yet to make a deeper impact we must consider all the ways in which our buildings affect our environment.

We recognise the need to involve our communities, to upskill and educate, and to ensure that everybody can benefit from the transition to a more sustainable society.

Laura, Green Meadows Development Coordinator

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