Climate Change Workshop II

If you missed our first workshop, here is a round up of how the partnership between us and Towards Greener Meadows began.

The theme of our second Climate Change workshop was “Saving energy at Home”. We wanted to share some knowledge of how you could increase the energy efficiency of your home, cut the carbon footprint of your property and save money on your energy bills.

How is my home causing climate change?

16% of an average UK carbon footprint is spend on household energy (source)

Heating Britain’s draughty homes during the “beast from the east” caused greenhouse gas emissions to rise by 2.5m tonnes in 2018 – that’s HALF of the total emissions of Albania! (source)

We talked about how the big topic of Climate Change relates to your home, and how the structure of your property, your appliences as well as how your behavioural habits contribute to the carbon emissions.

Firstly, we took a quiz to bust some of the preconceptions about which of your applicences are bigger energy guzzlers, and how the energy efficiency rating really does matter. Then, we talked about finding the balance between heating your home and retaining that heat. Included were the renewable options of ground source heat pumps and solar panels – thank you for the useful input of those in the room who have this technology at home. Lastly, we gave out some helpful tips for changing habits at home. For example, not leaving your phone on charge for the whole night, as your phone only needs a few hours charge.

Chilli Pepper Pledges

What is a Chilli Pepper Pledge? At the end of our first workshop, we took our ‘Chilli Pepper Pledges’ – each choosing a pledge which would be a personal challenge to try to achieve over the next few months, with the aim of cutting our carbon footprint. The reward – a chilli pepper plant from the AMC gardens!

Here is a little update of your Chilli Pledges..

Marks pledge was to cut single use packaging from his weekly shop – it’s possible even if you’re shopping at a large supermarket!

Lucy and Robyn also cut down on the plastic packaging of their fruit and veg.

We love seeing your photos! Let us know how your pledges are going, send a quick message and picture to

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