I think we can agree that we are all in disbelief having received our energy bill projection for the coming year. On April 1st 2022 the new price cap was introduced causing a substantial rise to energy costs, so how do we navigate this and what can you do about it?

As a fuel poverty charity, we have seen an influx of enquiries from households in crisis as a result of this price increase. People are seeking advice and support to help them in any way to bring them closer to meeting the payments of their new, inflated monthly energy costs.

The new price cap – which is causing a 54% increase to the cost of energy is having a detrimental effect to households up and down the country. National Energy Action, the UKs national fuel poverty charity has completed research concluding tht “6.5 million households across the United Kingdom will be in fuel poverty in April, 2 million more than just a year ago’.

Services and initiatives to help you reduce your household outgoings

We thought it would be useful to highlight the streams of support we have access to across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to help soften the blow of this energy crisis, which, alarmingly, is fast becoming a standard of living crisis.

Insulate your home and keep your expensive heat inside

Insulating your home is the most effective way of retaining your heat, allowing you to have your heating on for less time – the result being, lower heating bills.

Green Grants – is your property in one of the targeted areas?

You may sit within one of our Green Grant target areas in the districts of Rushcliffe, Gedling or the City. This programme provides grants to raise the energy efficiency of ‘harder to heat’ homes with the install of practical home improvements like external wall insulation, Solar PV and Air Source Heat Pump.

More information can be found on our Green Grants project page. Eligibility criteria applies.

Insulate your home through ECO4 – get your name on the waiting list

Up until March 31st 2022 a government funding stream, ECO3, provided grants for free loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and boiler upgrades (subject to survey and eligibility).

Luckily a new wave of funding is on its way, aptly named ECO4, which comes in to play this autumn just in time for the winter months – again, providing home insulation grants on a national scale – with the addition of external wall insulation (insulation specifically for older houses where insulation panels are fixed to the outside of the house and rendered) and Air Source Heat Pumps.

If your home is still not insulated please complete our online form or call our Healthy Housing Team on 0115 985 3009 to get the ball rolling. Eligibility criteria applies.

Find out if you’re eligible for the £150 (previously £140) Warm Homes Discount

This is a £150 deduction off your winter electricity bill.  As it is a winter initiative, registrations are now closed for this year, however energy companies will re-open registrations for winter 2022/2023 in the autumn.

Could I be eligible for this?

If you receive Pension Credit – yes you will be eligible.  If you receive a means tested benefit you may be eligible – each energy company has different criteria. We can help you find out and even make the application on your behalf.

For further assistance, please complete our online form or call our Healthy Housing Team on 0115 985 3009.

Have your circumstances changed? You could be entitled to benefits.

The last few years has seen a change to people’s work patterns, lifestyle and overall health. If your income has dropped as a result, we recommend that you complete a Benefit Check to see if you are entitled to first time benefits or additional benefits. We work in partnership with a local organisation, who also offer debt advice, they can check you are receiving all that you are entitled to, to help make things a little easier financially.

For further assistance, please complete our online form or call our Healthy Housing Team on 0115 985 3009

Struggling to feed your family?  We work in partnership with Trussell Trust food banks.

If you are finding it difficult to make ends meet and would like some support in feeding your household, we can refer you through to a Trussell Trust food bank that is local to you.  We can issue three food bank vouchers over a 6-month period.

For further assistance, please complete our online form or call our Healthy Housing Team on 0115 985 3009

Please do get in touch with us if you are struggling, we will always gain a full picture of your situation and help you in any way that we can – we understand this is a worrying time for so many so please do reach out.