Nottinghamshire Healthy Housing Service is delivering Western Power Distribution’s first Power Up! Health Hub initiative.  This 12 month initiative (starts April 2019) will help 1000 vulnerable households across the East Midlands.

Who is Power Up! Health Hub for?

Its focus is to assist elderly and disabled individuals that have a chronic and/or long-term health condition – particularly those who use medical equipment that needs a constant supply of electricity i.e. oxygen concentrators, Asthma ventilators or a stair lift to live comfortably and keep healthy at home.

What’s the aim of the scheme?

The aim of the scheme is to offer these individuals a toolkit of home improvements and services which can improve their comfort and well-being, safety and make their property more energy efficient.

The scheme delivers 7 home interventions

The scheme brings together seven interventions that, if the household is eligible, could ultimately improve their quality of life, these are:

  • Priority Service Register Sign Up

In the event of an unplanned power cut, so they are at the top of the list to receive help and have their electricity re-connected. This is a free service and can be a real lifeline.

  • Income maximisation   

We can help people access the £140 Warm Home Discount and income related benefits

  • Energy Switching Advice and Comparison         

We can carry out an impartial gas and electricity comparison to see if a cheaper deal is available, if needed we can assist with the switching process.

  • Home Insulation

We can increase the thermal efficiency and comfort of their property by installing loft and/or cavity wall insulation

  • Boiler replacements and heating technologies

If required we can refer them through for a boiler replacement, heating control upgrade and other heating/hot water systems

  • Behavioural measures

We can talk to them about quick wins that can improve their home environment i.e. tips to alleviate mould and damp

  • Health and well-being

We can help with mobility, home safety and security

How will Healthy Housing know which households to approach?

Healthy Housing will be working with partner agencies and teams within the health and housing sector that support people with medical equipment technologies such as kidney dialysis machine, oxygen generators and nebulisers. We will run a series of training sessions with these groups informing them of how the scheme can benefit their clients, following the training an effective referral stream will be established between us and the health/housing professional group.

How will the households be contacted?

Once we have received a referral, we will contact the client within two working days via telephone and talk them through all the improvements Power Up! Health Hub has to offer.  In most cases, a conversation over the phone will be effective for the majority of people. However, for some clients a conversation face to face may be more preferable – they may be particularly vulnerable, hard of hearing or have little knowledge about their property.  In this instance, we will set up a home visit, with their permission, so we can assist them face to face in the comfort of their own home.

All telephone calls and home visits will be followed up with an information pack confirming what measures the client has been referred for and the next steps – it will also include an activity pack and a good news case study.  These will be distributed via email, and if necessary, by post.

We welcome your referrals and self-referrals

If you are a professional that helps households who rely on electrical medical devices, or if you use one yourself, we would love to hear from you.

Contact the Healthy Housing Team and we can either start improving your home environment or set up a training session and referral pathway for you and your colleagues.

Tel:         0300 688 77 66