If you have not switched energy supplier before or have not in a long time, you could be paying more than you should for your energy. We have seen average savings of around £250, but have helped some people save more than £600!

Switching your supplier, or tariff, is one of the easiest ways to save money on your gas and electricity bills, simply enter your details in the Which switching tool and see how much you can save.

Need some help switching?

If you would benefit from some guidance or would like us to carry out a comparison for you, feel free to call us on 0115 985 3009. Please make sure you have a recent annual statement to hand, as this will help us to complete an accurate comparison.

We also offer energy switching support as part of our home visits.

Part of a community group? Invite us to one of your usual meetings and we can deliver our free, engaging Energy Switching Workshop. Please allow an hour for our workshop.

Why not consider a green energy tariff?

Green energy suppliers and tariffs allow you to support renewable energy generation and lower your carbon footprint. They may at times be slightly more expensive than ordinary tariffs, but not always. There are a few key points to consider when trying to determine whether a supplier or tariff is genuinely green.

  • Can I get renewable electricity delivered directly to my home?

Renewable energy cannot be delivered directly to your home via the National Grid. As everyone uses the same supply network, it is not possible to have electricity powered by exclusively renewable means, unless you generate it yourself – via solar panels, for example.

  • What makes an energy supplier green?

Suppliers can advertise themselves as green if they do one of the following:

– Match all or a proportion of the energy they supply to their customers with an equivalent amount of renewable electricity generated by their own wind or solar farms

– Match all or a proportion of the energy they supply to their customers with an equivalent amount of renewable electricity bought from other producers

A supplier can only be classed as 100% green if the quantity of renewable energy they either produce or buy is exactly equivalent to the quantity of energy used by their customers.

  • Why are REGO certificates important?

Renewable energy generators are issued one Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificate per megawatt hour of renewable electricity generated. When a supplier buys electricity from a renewable energy generator, it also buys the REGO certificates – at a cost of 15p each. It is, however, possible for suppliers to buy REGO certificates without purchasing the corresponding renewable electricity. The certificates can, as a result, allow energy suppliers to falsely claim that they are “100% renewable, clean and green.” 

  • What about “green” tariffs from “brown” suppliers?

Many suppliers buy a mix of energy from both renewable and non-renewable sources – i.e. a mix of “green” and “brown” energy. Some of these suppliers create green tariffs by merely channelling their usual stock of renewable energy away from brown tariffs, rather than by increasing the proportion of renewable energy they purchase. If you sign up for a green tariff with such a supplier you will not, therefore, be supporting investment in renewable energy generation.

  • How can I find out which supplier offers 100% renewable energy?

We recommend that you have a read of this “How green is your energy?” article by Which which outlines the different types of renewable focused suppliers.

Can the Healthy Housing Service help you find the best tariff?

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