Our Boiler Schemes

If your boiler has stopped working and needs replacing, we can offer you 25% off the cost of a brand new ‘A’ rated boiler, up to the value of £625.

Ashley Matthews
Our local approved contractor, Ashley Matthews

If your boiler needs repairing, we can offer you 50% off the cost of the repairs up to the value of £400. All work is carried out by our local approved contractors.

We also offer a free and subsidised boiler health check to keep your boiler in shape.

Are you eligible?
If you are over 60 or have a child under age of 16 or over 16 in full-time education you will be eligible for our boiler schemes.

We also have a referral process for npower’s boiler schemes which have varying criteria and could fully fund the cost of a new boiler or insulation measure(s).

Get in touch with us or complete our Self Referral Online Form so we can check your eligibility.

The benefits of upgrading to an ‘A’ rated boiler

It is estimated that your boiler accounts for 60% of your household bill, so replacing your old inefficient boiler will allow you to save up to £260 on your yearly heating bill, or even more if your current boiler is very old!

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Case Study
Click here to read how Mr & Mrs Naylor are now enjoying a warmer, more efficient home thanks to the Healthy Housing Service and npower.

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