Cavity Wall Insulation

Around a third of the heat in your home is lost through the walls so insulating them is the best way of stopping this heat from escaping. We are currently able to offer all eligible homeowners and landlords cavity wall insulation for the subsidised cost of £99 or for free if you or the tenant living in the property receives a means tested benefit. We do require that a £25 technical survey is carried prior to the install which is non-refundable.

You could save up to £225 a year on your heating bills!

cavity wall

If you are interested in Solid Wall Insulation, please click here.

Loft Insulation

The correct level of loft insulation could save you around £110 a year on your heating bills whilst also helping to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

If you currently have less than 100mm of insulation, we can top this up to the recommended amount for the subsidised cost of £99, or for free if you receive a means tested benefit. A non-refundable £25 technical survey is required prior to installation to ensure the eligibility of the property.


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