NEP’s Home Improvement Team have project managed two domestic solar battery storage projects – one a National Energy Action funded scheme based in Thurrock, Essex, and the second, an EU Smart Cities project in the Meadows, Nottingham called SENSIBLE. SENSIBLE project partners include The University of Nottingham, MOZES and T4 Sustainability.

A huge amount of experience was gained during their delivery as this technology is still very much emerging. The team have installed 52 batteries to date, which  are already helping households reduce their electricity bill.

What is solar battery storage?

Solar battery storage is a device that stores any excess solar energy generated by solar photovoltaics (pvs).  This stored energy can then be used to power anything that runs on electric once the sun goes down. It can also heat water when it is linked up to an immersion heater. Energy storage technology means less reliance on the grid, creating more sustainable communities.

How do NEP deliver their projects?

The team have been responsible for the customer sign up process and also complete the technical surveys. They oversea preparatory work and the installation.  Finally, they quality check all aspects of the job and produce a snagging list, if required, on completion.

The projects have featured 5 different batteries, so the team are informed as to which batteries are suitable for which properties.  They have also been involved with the installation of two community batteries which are based in a school and library in the Meadows, Nottingham.

Interested in working with NEP on a battery storage project?

Contact our Home Improvement Manager, Darren Barker.

Tel: 0115 985 3008