Winter 2018/2019 – we are pleased to start a new project with Nottingham City Council’s Community Safety & Cohesion Service and the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum.

This project aims to upgrade privately rented properties so they are fit to house Syrian refugees. The practical improvements will be delivered alongside a series of Healthy Living Workshops and one to one home visits to help the families make the most of their new home, helping them adapt to a new heating system and the way in which they pay for their gas and electricity.

This project runs until September 2019 and is delivered in two streams:

1. The delivery of home energy efficiency measures and general property upgrades 

NEP is using it’s existing landlord contacts to find private properties that are vacant and are in need of an upgrade. NEP’s Home Improvement Team will bring these properties up to a decent standard and provide a home that is healthy, safe and affordably warm for refugee families fleeing from crisis.

Home improvements will include:

  • wall and loft insulation
  • under floor insulation
  • boiler replacements and repairs
  • kitchen and bathroom upgrades

The work will be subsidised by a grant of up to 75% from Nottingham City Council; the remainder will be paid by the landlord.

Download our Project Outline for Landlords

2. Healthy Living Workshops 

We have designed a new workshop specifically for this project.  We will educate both settled, and new refugees on how to use their heating effectively, how to prevent the build up of mould and damp, and how to find and switch to a cheaper energy deal.  In short, how to use their property so it works in their favour, both in comfort and financially.

In partnership with Nottingham Refugee Forum’s Refugee Case Workers we have already delivered two Healthy Living Workshops to a total of 30 refugees. 

Workshop invitation and pictures below.

The workshop explored the reasons why damp and mould occur and the preventative steps that can be taken.  Steps to also eradicate it completely were also discussed i.e. internal wall insulation.

Home Visits for families most in need of immediate help will be organised, for example, one family did not have a working boiler and an elderly couple, with multiple health issues were living  in a house with severe damp and mould.

Project Outcomes

Updates and case studies will be shared as and when we have them.